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Oct. 7th, 2006 @ 09:31 am Kings, Lords and the Unrevealed
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There is a trailer is located in an used industrial equipment sales yard on the way to my girlfriend’s house. A vinyl sign on the trailer says "Jesus Christ is Lord". I guess I was being reflective at the moment and I had a "ah-ha" moment. I started thinking why we, as a people who are governed by a democracy, desire to have a Lord (aka King) over us. A friend of mine had told me, " Western thought is based on the idea that people need to become something greater than what they are." The thought I had was that people instinctively know that something is "wrong" in the world. The Christian world calls it original sin. The outcome of sin is people being mean to each other. We can’t have an ultimate human leader to lead us, because all human leaders have feet of clay. So, a perfect being is the answer, and only a perfect being has the right to rule over us.

I told this to my girlfriend, and she asked why a perfect being who was our Lord (ruler) allowed such pain and suffering amongst his charges. Though this question can lead into a dozen-dozen discussions, one new one came to my mind. I recently heard on the radio somebody ask, “why does God ask for X if it leads to sufferings Y and Z?” The answer was "X is part of God’s revealed word". The idea seems to be that the God is only showing some of his cards. This would be the X part of the equation. The rest of the explanation is hidden from us, and hence we have the mysteries of why is there pain and suffering. Why does the Christian God, or any God/Goddess of organized religions, keep secrets from their followers?

For more on the nebulous nature of God, check out this blog entry of my very insightful friend Ocean.
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Date:October 12th, 2006 11:18 am (UTC)

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There IS something wrong in the world. We all instinctively know that we can into this world to have fun and to have everything we wanted. Then we get here, and forget how to do that. We are all creaters of our personal realities.

As you improve how "you hold your mouth" and "where you put your eyes", life comes far more enjoyable. In other words, if you are looking for pain and hardship (or looking for it to make sure it is not there) that is what you will have. If you are looking for a joyful experience, that is what you will have.

We get hung up in looking for that which we do not want, because we want to make sure it does not show up. We get what we put our attention on.

We are practiced in looking at all the things that are not working in our lives and the lives of others and in the life of God. What is working well?