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More Cub Pics - 12/01 and 12/02

The cubs are really growing and their distinct personalities are beginning to show. I have almost 170 pictures from 12/01 and 12/02. The spread below shows the names given to each of the cubs and displays some of the pics showing those blossoming personalities.

140 cub pictures from 12/01 can be found here and 27 cub pictures from 12/02 can be found here.

Destiny is going to be bi-eyed: gray and blue

Click on picture to see more larger image

Fox(M)Mystic (F)Eclipse (M)
Bear (M)Tundra (M)Destiny (F)
Smoke (M)Let's howl a bit! (Mystic)On the prowl (Mystic)
Beware blanket! (Fox)I'm a big boy! (Tundra)It is mine! (Tundra)
Tags: cubs, wolves

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