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Abandoned Warehouse - Asheville NC

Welcome to an abandoned and partially demolished warehouse building in Asheville NC.  The sign out front says, "Madison County Health Department". The building seemed well secured, but I gained entrance by pushing in a sliding warehouse door. Inside I found a mixture of building decay and ruin. First I walked across some wooden planks in a completely missing portion of the building.  This led to a dark shuttered room with an adjacent devastated elevator room.  Choosing discretion over valor, I merely took pictures of the furthest room instead of crossing the one apparently (?) solid beam over to the elevator platform.  The building did have an upstairs, but there was no way to access this area.  There was no need to put an "out of order" sign on the elevator!

This picture set is the first of two adjacent buildings.  All 65 pictures from the abandoned warehouse and boiler house are in this flickr set.

Front of abandoned warehouse building

Click on picture to see more larger image

Front doors.  Beyond them is a gulf without a floor.Bright graffiti on sealed basement level door.  Front of Building.Looking at window above front porch and front door.
Looking at 2nd floor windows above shuttered room.Rear of building.Rooms missing?
Access gained in rooms missing area.  Carefully walk along the planks!Inside the shuttered room, looking towards the entrance from the missing room area.Shuttered Room, front side. Please don't move the camera during long aperture shots!
Inside the shuttered room, front side.Rear of elevator room.  The one solid(ish) beam to cross over is in the picture foreground.Front of elevator room. Those are the front doors at the far side of the picture.
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