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Asheville NC Boiler House

Welcome to a another abandoned building in Asheville NC. This is an industrial building with a mixture of modern and antique furnaces/boilers. The most modern piece of equipment is a boiler. The rods in the largest unit seems to indicate that it is another boiler. I was struggling with the low light, so the images have a bit of blur. They'll be better next time!

This picture set is the second of two adjacent buildings.  All 65 pictures from the abandoned warehouse and boiler house are in this flickr set.

Top Picture: Boiler Building with a mixture of antique and (relatively) modern equipment
Bottom picture: Looking across room, picture taken on observation platform.

Click on picture to see more larger image

Bottom of smaller furnace/boilerClean-out port in smaller furnace/boilerControl apparatus at bottom of smaller furnace/boiler
Peering up at the large furnace/boilerRods in large furnace/boilerDoors at bottom of large furnace/boiler.
Larger furnace/boiler doorAccess door and piping on side of large furnace/boiler.Side of large furnace/boiler, looking towards the far wall
Looking towards rear of building.  Entrance was gained from the hole in the base of the wall (lower left of picture)Iron door behind smoke stackFront of Boiler Building
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