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A Surprise Residential Find

Sometimes adventures in abandoned places discover the most interesting things. I was exploring an abandoned house that I've had my eye on for a while. There was some kind of storage building behind the house. Overgrown with vegetation, the shed was something of a trial to approach. Inside I found what I can only assume are historical remnants of the past era of textile manufacturing. This was odd as there are no factories in the immediate vicinity. There are stacks of wooden frames with wires run across the face of the frame. What are these wire racks?  A co-worker told me that they were weaving frames used in textile manufacturing. The building also had unorganized piles of air filters and loose stacks of cardboard tubes. There is no telling how long the shed has been there or how long the contents have been stored there. The shed has a collapsed corner and the roof rests heavily on the stacked frames.

Does anybody have an idea or clarification of what these wood/wire frames are?

This picture set is the first of two adjacent buildings. The house will be featured in another blog entry. All 61 pictures from the abandoned house and storage shed are in this flickr set.

Top Picture: Rear of storage building, the corner on the left is collapsed Bottom picture: One of the wire racks

Click on picture to see more larger image

Rear of buildingRemains of door at rear of buildingRoots reign at collapsed corner of building
Hard fiber pipes on groundWindow frames hanging on the outside of the buildingAnother window frame
File cabinet assaulted by natureSide view
of  wire rack
Many, many wire racks
An improbable place for a chairLooking across shed: piles of filters, cardboard tubes, and rows of wire racksLooking towards collapsed corner, cardboard tubes and filter
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