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Abandoned House - Greer SC

This is an abandoned house in Greer South Carolina. It has been up for sale for years and over that time the house has fallen more and more into disrepair. Amazingly the property, about 3 acres, and the house are still priced at $225K. Could the house be salvaged? Yes, but I do believe the asking price is too high for the current condition.

This picture set is the second of two adjacent buildings. The storage shed was featured in another blog entry. All 61 pictures from the abandoned house and storage shed are in this flickr set.

Top Picture:Overgrown abandoned house Bottom picture: Wall paper shows degree of neglect in house

Click on picture to see more larger image

Welcome - Front DoorInside the living roomFireplace in living room
Look at the living room windowsBroken Door, Broken WindowBroken window with remains of window tarp outside
DenDownstairs BathroomUpstairs Bathroom
Cluttered AtticUpstairs room.  The pane of broken glass on the floor is a mysteryBasement clutter
Disused ice cream freezer in basementTable tops in basement.  What?Table centers in basement.  Again, what?
Rear of houseRear of houseBasement door and stairs to 1st floor
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