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Happy Holidays

wulfwalker and I want to wish all our LJ friends a very merry holiday day. We are having a very sedate time this year. We've already exchanged the presents for the year and now it is time to enjoy each other's company. It'll just be us, the seven cats, one poodle, four adult wolves, one chow, and six cubs celebrating in Liberty SC.

Yesterday we ran out to Laurens to check on my kitty children. While there we took some more pictures of the HWY 221 abandoned Craftsman style house. There were some very rural touches that I had missed the first time and we made a macabre discovery in a shed. I got so wrapped up in the day that I forgot to post my daily blog. Truthfully, I spent my computer time prepping and uploading the pictures from the day's shooting. The photography thing has become a rather intense hobby. This surprises me, but I suppose life can sneak up on a person.

Picture by wulfwalker (she's great!)
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