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Wyatt General Store - Anderson County, SC

Welcome to the very rural Wyatt General Store in Anderson County, SC.  The store was active from 1908 to the 1930s.  We learned about the history of the location from Mr. Johnson, the owner of the land.  His Grandmother lived in a large house that was adjacent to the store.  The original furnishings were removed from the store in the 1960s and now Mr. Johnson intends to move the building to another location.  We very much appreciated his information.

This picture set is part of a larger trip we took in Anderson county.   All 66 pictures from our journey are in this flickr set.

Click on picture to see more larger image

Front of storeRight side of storeDoor at rear of right side of store
Rear of store.  The chimney has been purposely removed prior to the building being moved.Looking into the window at the rear of the buildingRear and left side of building
Rear and right side of buildingLooking at rear of building through the treesBlack and white version of main picture
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