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Holiday with the Wolves

wulfwalker and I hung out with the doggies in the yard on Christmas day. The cubs are fully mobile and fully engaged in both play and food hunting modes. This gave me the opportunity to break out my camera's telescopic lens. No longer can I lay on the ground with a normal lens because these guys just move around too much now. I put the camera on sports movement mode and clicked off a terrific set of pictures. This blog only features a very few of the 199 pictures taken, so do please check out my flickr page to take in all the cub cuteness!

French toast anyone?  The cubs are almost as big as Toby now!

Click on picture to see a larger image

Destiny has a prize!Destiny and FoxEclipse gets some personal attention while others look on
Destiny sleeps while Timber relaxesTimberRowan and cubs
Destiny on the hillCub combat - there is an entire series of pictures featuring this tussleLining up for petting
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