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Abandoned House - Highway 221 Laurens SC - Revisited

This blog entry revisits an abandoned building on HWY 221 outside of Laurens SC. I featured this building in a past blog.  My mate wulfwalker and I returned to the site on 12/23 and found some known features of interest and some previously unseen features.  The vines growing into the house were again photographed.  I climbed into the attic and took pictures of the encroaching vines and the striking shadows of the late afternoon sun.  We then explored the yard and found two sheds.  The first was mostly intact. The second shed was skeletal with odd portions of the structure still present.

The first shed held a morbid find.  My mate identified an upside box as a military body shipment box.  A search for the designation "AGRS-FEZ" found that it means "American Graves Registration Service - Far Eastern Zone".  This zone was established in 1947 to perform the duties of grave registration.  The destination of the body shipment case was "Seawright Mortuary" in Laurens SC.  A search on the web shows that there is no longer a Seawright Mortuary in Laurens.   It was neat to find this piece of somewhat strange history tucked away in an abandoned place. Does anybody know more about body shipment cases like this or this box's possible origin date?

All 64 pictures from the exploration are featured in this Flickr picture set.

Top: Vine covered side of house;  Bottom: Labeling on military 'body transport box'

Click on an image to see a larger picture.

Front of Hwy 221 North house.Outside kitchen windowInside kitchen window
Outside living room windowInside living room windowWater damaged chairs in corner of largest room
Attic - looking at front windowsAttic - looking at window on vine covered side of house.Vines coming in left side of window
Vines coming in right side of windowAnother view of front windows with the late afternoon sun shining throughFirst shed behind house
Upside down body transport box at bottom of wood stackBody transport box - the silver object in the bottom left hand corner is a replicate of the soldier's dogtagOld Lucky Strike sign used to patch the shed wall
Skeletal remains of second shed, standing outside of front wallInside building, looking at right wall.  The metal roof of the shed is probably on the ground beyond the remains of the wallsInside the building, corner of right wall and back wall
These may be chamber pots, found partially buried behind the shed.Garden tool hanging on outside of first shedRighted picture of Lucky Strike sign
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