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Postcard from Downtown Laurens

This blog features pictures from downtown Laurens SC. They were taken on 12/27 and there are still Christmas decorations on view. The most amazing thing about this set is the picture of the courthouse as it seems to have a post card quality about it. I believe this is because the lines are so crisp and the light is very even on the mostly overcast day.

All 26 pictures from the downtown Laurens are featured in this Flickr picture set.

Top: "Postcard" picture of Laurens County Courthouse, South Carolina  Bottom: Historical marker giving history of the courthouse building

Click on an image to see a larger picture.

Capital Theatre.  After recent restorations they've once again begun to show movie picturesArchitectural detailReally interesting building.  Was previously a marine dealership.  The full flickr set has more pictures of this location.
Detail of Palmetto BankAlley looking at Police StationInteresting contrasts of colors in downtown buildings
Laurens DowntownDetails of top windows and brick workLaurens Downtown
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