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A Rural Sawmill

This photo essay features a tractor powered sawmill we found on the property of Mr. Johnson, the same property that previously posted Wyatt General Store is located on. The sawmill is still operational, proven when Mr. Johnson came out to see what we were doing on the property. After he was assured we were only taking pictures instead of tools, he shared that his father had purchased the tractor in 1949. Mr. Johnson uses the sawmill as a hobby and the most recent results of his efforts were evident in the cedar boards on the ground. The cuts were incredibly smooth, though we were told that this is not true when things 'go wrong'. The entire operation is almost entirely powered from a drive connection to the tractor. A single electrical line only powers the working lights and a small motor operating the chain and pulley that removes wood chips from underneath the blade. There were other odd bits of machinery on the property. Mr. Johnson said that he liked to collect things. wulfwalker and I could understand as we do the same.

This picture set is part of a larger trip we took in Anderson county.   All 66 pictures from our journey are in this flickr set.

Top: Tractor powered sawmill  Bottom: wulfwalker gets a rare picture of greensh in front of the 1949 tractor
Click on picture to see more larger image

View of saw behind the tractor tireSide view of tractorThis pulley and chain moves wood chips away from the pit underneath the saw blade
Picture showing shed, tractor and wood removal pulley/chainFront view of tractorInterior of sawmill
These are cedar boardsThis is a unique cart.  The wheel is hidden by the grassBarrel of concrete mixer
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