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Ruined House on SC Hwy 81

On 12/29 my mate and I stopped to view an abandoned barn on South Carolina Hwy 81 outside of Anderson. The barn was an excellent find, but there was more. A walk through the overgrown woods revealed a ruined house destroyed by fire in the distant pass. There were also an odd set of ancillary buildings, typical for a former farm location. Emerging from the woods, we spoke to the owner of the adjacent property. He said that the house was a large two story dwelling, destroyed by fire in the early 1980s. The site was a fascinating study in relative sturdiness of man's creations when destruction and neglect combines the nature's aggressive touch. This picture blog focuses on the ruined house. Future blogs will share the barn and ancillary buildings.

There were several types of buildings at the SC Hwy 81 location. All 129 pictures of the location are in this flickr set.

Top: Left Chimney Bottom: Right Chimney
A portion of the front porch is visible in each picture

Click on picture to see more larger image

Left ChimneyBoth chimneysRight Chimney
Front porch, left side. I am standing inside the house area.  Beyond the porch would have been the front yardFront Porch, centerFront Porch, right side. I was sitting on the right chimney's fire place when I took this picture
This brick is the remains of the collapsed center chimneyRefrigerator and stove in the middle of the house locationOld-style refrigerator
The compressor of the refrigeratorTop of house well.  This was probably on the back porchAnother view of the well head.  There was a deep and dark hole under this potentially fragile brick and concrete slab construction
Left Chimney viewed through the intervening vines and treesView of house from what would have been the back yardA heater(?) stands on the ground outside the outlines of the house's walls
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