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Clinton SC Farm House - The House

Sometimes it pays to investigate locations that seem less than promising. On 01/04 I drove to Clinton SC to photograph an abandoned two story apartment house. I was detoured and investigated a grain silo I had seen outside of Clinton for many years. The structure was clearly abandoned from both its state and the vegetation surrounding the building. A "For Sale" sign by the road announced that I could look at the house with the reason of possibly purchasing it... right! The clearly dilapidated and marginally intact structure promised some great pictures. I was right. The house has been partially salvaged with flooring both upstairs and downstairs. One of the rear rooms had completely collapsed, leaving a gapping space in the structure. The stairs were blocked with ceiling or floor debris. Fortunately a makeshift ladder provided me access to the upper floor. The partially blocked stairs were solid enough, so up I went. The upstairs revealed two front rooms without flooring. A hallway at the rear of the second floor overlooked the ruined room. A gabled closet off of the hallway revealed a small stack of beer bottles. The house had been clearly used for a bit of partying. One of the front rooms revealed that somebody had managed to live in a room with no flooring and missing windows. Plastic had been put up on the window openings and a board across the floor beams supported a sleeping platform. All and all this was an amazing property.

I did investigate the remainder of the property and found two metal silos and a large concrete silo. I will feature these and a ruined concrete structure in another blog. All 142 pictures of the location are in this flickr set.

Top: Front of House Bottom: Rear of House

Click on picture to see more larger image

Front window looking into houseThe floors are missing from many of rooms.  This is one of the front roomsGraffiti in front room.
Roof above 'Kitchen'There are few horizontal lines in the far wall.  Looking down center hall at backyard
Door looking into 'ruined room'.Rear hallway adjacent to ruined room.Windows adjacent to back door.
Rear of house.Standing outside of house, photographing across the ruined room to the upstairs hallway.House stairs.  The banister wood has been removed.
Intact second floor hallway.  Closet door at rear of second floor hallway.Looking from second floor hallway to the ruined room.
One of the 2nd floor rooms.  The floor is gone, but somebody squatted here for a time.  This tag set has pictures showing other signs of past habitation.The house's main beams are supported by large rocks. Rear of house, looking up at gabled window of closet off of second floor hallway.
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