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Wolf-Dog Pictures and Videos

I've been busy both taking pictures and making new videos. The picture sets are almost too big to choose the best, so I'll just leave you with links to all the pictures. The telescopic lens is a must now as the cubs and dogs are running everywhere. It has been a joy capturing them at play.

New Flickr Sets...

Wolves and Cubs - 01/06/08
125 Pictures! (Including some of greensh!)
Cubs and Wolves - 01/05/08
161 Pictures!

The videos are getting better as I learn my way around a couple of programs. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my efforts!

Videos on You Tube...

Eclipse, a Wolf-Dog Cub, Takes on the World! 4:53

Bags are Made for Teething 5:06

Destiny and Tundra Tussle! 1:04

The Wolf-Dog Cub Bag Wars Continue 6:40

Max the Chow Gets a Shave 5:49

A View of Wolves 4:49

Wolf Mother Plays with Cubs 3:39

Wayah and Rowen Play 2:43

Tobey the Wonder Dog 1:43

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