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Clinton SC Farm House - The Silos

This blog features the silos I found in Clinton SC. The large concrete silo revealed odd squatter constructions. Is it an alter or a bench? I suspect the mundane is more likely. Still, what would it be like to party in an echoing concrete silo? Sublime... The woods also revealed a partially demolished concrete block structure with metal basin and an incredibly large pressure tank.

These silos and their hidden finds complimented an incredibly decrepit house at the same location. All 142 pictures of the location are in this flickr set.

Top: Concrete Silo Bottom: Twin Metal Silos

Click on picture to see more larger image

Deep well hole found in the woods.Interior of metal siloRemains of tower(?) next to metal silos
End of concrete trough extending from concrete silo.Side of concrete silo Inside the concrete silo.  This seems to be a make shift bench or sleeping pallet
Looking around the silo, there are wooden frames made of sticks.Coming around, more stick constructions.A fire pit is in the center of all this.
A feather found inside the siloHalf demolished concrete structure.Metal basin in concrete structure.
Tree growing through window of concrete structure. Remains of plaster wall covering inside concrete structure.Large metal pressure vessel adjacent to concrete structure.
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