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Pelham Mill Office - Greer SC

Relocated Pelham Mill office is adjacent to the historical stonework dam built in the 19th century. Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority took an active role in preserving a historical landmark in the Upstate. On September 11, 2002, historic Pelham Mill office building was moved onto land leased by Western Carolina to the County Recreation District for only $1 a year. This one-story brick building was believed to be built around 1870 and was used as the Pelham Mill’s office until the textile plant closed in 1930. The building became a Pelham Post Office until its closing in 1996. Since the building was never placed on the historical register, it would have been demolished if Western Carolina had not stepped in to help.

A new park is planned for 2008 at the site. The land is being cleared, revealing buildings and stone work from the dam's past. The clearing of the brush at the base of the dam has revealed some incredible brickwork and ruins of structures. I will post another blog featuring these newly rediscovered structures.

All 123 pictures of the location are in this flickr set.

Fire certainly was no stranger to the Pelham Batesville community. In fact, fire had destroyed the community's central landmark, the Pelham Mill, in the year of 1943. At that time the only fire trucks available came from Greenville and Greer, and both were too far away to be of much help.

Only the small Mill Office survives to this day. The building is slated for renovation during the next few years.

Click on picture to see more larger image

Left Side of BuildingRear of BuildingFront/Right Side of Building
Front Double DoorFront Single Door Front Room, looking through Front Double Door
Front RoomFront RoomFront Room
Left Rear RoomLeft Rear RoomSmall Side Room
Small Side Room Right Rear RoomRight Rear Room
Right Rear Room Bathroom off of Right Rear RoomRight Rear Room, broken handcart
Right Rear Room Right Rear RoomRight Rear Room
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