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Greer SC Farm House

The area around Greer SC used to be farmland. Now an airport and car maker have made obsolete a former farm house and barn. In time the land will be cleared for industry or a new housing division... the march of progress.

All 60 pictures of this location are in this flickr set. There are more pictures of the barn and outside pictures of the house.

Top: Front of House.
Bottom: Second Floor Room, Windows are Covered with Vines.

Click on picture to see more larger image

Rear Porch AreaWindow adjacent to rear porch, looking into front room.Rear Porch
Dining Area of KitchenDining Area of Kitchen Kitchen
Cupboards in KitchenFront RoomFront Room
Bird's Nest in Side Front RoomLooking Down the Stairs
Upstairs Hallway Window in Right Front RoomFireplace in Right Front Room
Floor of Right Front Room Left Front RoomLeft Front Room
Bathroom Laundry RoomFeed Trough in Small Barn
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