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Inside the Laurens Rural Ruin

I revisited a rural ruin in Laurens SC. The house is truly locked into the past. There were two front rooms, a rear bedroom, attic, kitchen and another room separated by a covered porch. While this is large compared to many country houses, the layout was telling of its older origins. I can only guess that the separated room was once the kitchen. The lack of a bathroom points to the facilities being in a small building adjacent to the separated room. I enjoy finding places that represent the way people used to live prior to modern housing.

The property also featured several ancillary buildings including a barn, garage, and storage building. These will be featured in another blog.

All 74 pictures of the Rural Ruin are in this flickr set.

Top: Exterior of Building
Bottom: Remains of Kitchen

Click on picture to see more larger image

Door to Room Separated From Rest of House.  The former kitchen?Window in Separated RoomWindow in Separated Room, Bird Nests are on Ledge Above Window
Bird Nest in the Kitchen PantryWindow in Kitchen Area, Old Mattress is on Floor Two Windows in Kitchen Area
Left Front Room FireplaceLeft Front Room, Looking at Door Leading to Separated Room Left Front Room
Stairway in Left Front Room Leading to AtticClutter in Attic Rafters Over Attic Room
Right Front RoomRight Front Room Right Front Room Fireplace, Far Door Leads to Kitchen
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