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An Odd Vampire Dream

Today I had an odd vampire dream. Having a vampire dream is not itself odd. I've had these for decades. In the beginning I would be constantly running from the vampires. The entire chase scenario got so common that it was no longer a nightmare. Years later something shifted. In one dream I became a vampire but this was a single case as the chase dreams continued. The past few years changed that and I started to again become a vampire. So, the entire being chases or becoming a vampire is old hat to me.

Yet today I had an odd dream. This time everyone was being converted into vampires and I was not. Why? It seem that I was a werewolf who could not be converted. This means I looked entirely human. The vampires all had the smallest of pointy teeth in their mouths. They had increased strength and abilities as did I. This didn't mean there were not vampires with ill intentions. A few chases occurred when dealing with the bad vampires, but the common vampires were no threat to me and visa-versa.

The remaining humans were all in a stir. At one point I had to travel to a town in search of a lost boy. The humans were driving in the opposite direction on both sides of the road. This made the short journey a bit wild. Later in the dream I was told about a large human fort that the vampires 'played with'. The vampires would assume their human personas and attempt to infiltrate the human fortification. Even dogs had been changed to vampires and these were used to help in the infiltrations. Odd stuff.

I have to say that the weird thing is that it was not a big deal to be a vampire once a person was converted. We see this side of the vampire myth in movies, but the focus remains on the embattled humans. It was interesting to experience the phenomenon from the vampire side. Morality was different from the vampire side too. People did not become blood thirsty killers. Instead the moral dogmas were dropped and people (now vampires) were able to express the hedonistic desires of life. Society did continue. At one point I had to get some work done on my house. I was working with a contractor who I know in real life. He asked me to get a signature on the plans. I did and gave the papers to him. He said that he couldn't start the work until he typed it up all official. Is this not terribly organized? The twist was that my contractor friend said he had killed his business partner when the contractor had first converted into a vampire. Why? His business partner was a crook. Even in my dream I found this to be an interesting twist.

Would I become a vampire in real life? When faced with overwhelming odds I believe that the transition would be welcomed. I've "seen" what the other side looks like and the life portrayed was both civil and morally refreshing.
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