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Central Roller Mills - Abandoned and Historical South Carolina Grist Mill

An exploratory journey down SC HWY 93 brought wulfwalker and I to the town of Central. There we found the abandoned Central Roller Mills. This grist mill is documented to exist in 1919 edition of 'Reports and Resolutions of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina". A small sign indicated that the building had either been an antique store or housed the belongings of an antique store. The doors were secure so the pictures we took are of the exterior. This bit of industrial history did have treats for the eye.

All 74 pictures of the Central Roller Mills are in this flickr set.

Top:Front of Central Roller Mills
Bottom: Original Brick Building Face and Sign

Click on picture to see more larger image

Grist TowerSmall Room Attached to Grist TowerGrist Tower Controls
Mechanisms Inside Grist TowerConveyor Inside Grist Tower Original Brick Building Front
Original Single DoorOriginal Double Door Newest Double Door with Remnant of Previous Antique Building
Grist Tower and SilosGrist Towers, Silos and Fan Odd Shaped Building
Wooden ShutterRear of Grist Mill.  Nature is Taking Over Rear Roof Line of Grist Mill
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