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Tobey the Wonder Dog Escapes!

What do you do if you're a little black poodle dwarfed by the wolf-dogs? Yeah, they know you're the boss, but what if you are confined in the wolf-dog pen and your loving owners won't let you out? Simple... use your ninja fence climbing powers to escape from your bondage.

Even wonder poodles can be tricked by humans... witness Tobey happily entering the wolf-dog pen before the gate is so cruelly closed...

Trapped!!!  wulfwalker and greensh will NOT let him out!Never fear...  Tobey has Mutant Ninja Powers...  It is time to climb the confining pen!He continues his climb...
Almost at the top...Now over the up most rail!Just leap... and a six foot fence is no obstacle to a determined poodle!
Tags: escaping dog

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