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Confirming the Dream

I had an interesting dream this morning. I dreamed that I was taking pictures at a fair/gathering. I had my camera and a camera bag. At some point I realized that my camera bag was missing. Inside the bag was my wallet and an external flash. Losing the wallet really bothered me. The officer I found told me that I had to file a report on-line. After searching all over I found the now empty camera bag. I then realized that I had somewhere put down my camera and it was now missing. I asked my family (who I was apparently traveling with) if I had brought the camera back to the car. They told me I had now. Now I was really bummed out. It occurred to me that I may be dreaming, and if I was, I would not really be missing my wallet and the expensive camera when I woke up. How could I tell if I was dreaming? I found I could drift through the air after a good solid jump. This was confirmation I was dreaming. I showed one of my brothers how to fly/drift. All was better.

Has anyone else also had a "this is a bad situation so I hope I am dreaming" type dream?
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