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An Urgent Warning

I found something that is more addictive than most drugs, will drain the time from your day, and probably has no twelve-step program available to aid in recovery. I am speaking of Bejeweled 2. It began innocently enough with wulfwalker allowing me to play the game for free on her 360. I did so, and my addiction began. The warning signs are subtle but clear!

1) The desire to play "just one more game".
2) The transition of time does not match what others experience. Two hours seems like twenty minutes.
3) Feeling that the game can be beaten if only enough time were spent trying.

You've been warned! Don't try that free sample. Don't download the demo. Just don't play it or you too will succumb...

Now, if you will excuse me, I will play one more game before I go to bed in twenty minutes...
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