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Interior of Blakely House, Ora SC

This picture set features the interior of the Blakely House in Ora SC. Ora is a small town on the outskirts of Laurens SC. The community was a thriving farming community until an agricultural depression just prior to the Great Depression of 1929. The events of the 1930s forced many farmers to sell their land and leave for the city. The age of prosperous farmers ended and many houses and buildings fell into disuse.

The Blakely house was once a grand house with electricity, gas heat and wonderful wood work. A set of french windows makes the now ruined building stand out from the remaining multi story farming houses in the area. This blog entry focuses on the exterior features of the house. A future blog entry will feature the equally grand and ruined interior.

All 97 pictures of the Blakely House are in this flickr set.

Top:Standing Near Front Door, Looking Up Stairs and Down Hallway
Bottom: Remains of Rear Kitchen Room

Click on picture to see more larger image

Looking From Center Hall into  Collapsed Room.  The Door is Crooked.Rear Door is Missing Along with Adjoining WallPantry with Collapsed Floor
The Pantry Shelves are BareCollapsed Room at Rear of House Looking Down on Stairs with Boards.
The Upstairs Room Has a Missing Window and Wall!Upstairs Wall with Graffitti Overlooks Attic Space Looking Out the French Windows
Living Room Wall and Door to HallLiving Room Fireplace and Window Downstairs Room with Graffitti
Antique Water Tanks in Well HouseSmoke House Fixture Autographs by Blakely and Helper on Smoke House Fixture
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