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Dogmatic Wolves

This morning I listened to NPR Talk of the Nation. The topic was "Married Couples Are Now a Minority", with the info blurb being "Census figures show that for first time in history, married couples are in the minority. In the second in a series on America at 300 million, guests discuss the culture shift and how it is affecting Americans."

One of the guests was Steve Watters, director of young adults in Marriage for Focus on the Family. Though he kept a low profile overall, his comments alluding that a married nuclear family is the most stable environment. He said (paraphrasing), "children will get the wrong ideas from the non-married couple's household". ACK! Excuse me for getting on a soapbox, but I feel that the dogmatic goal of a married man and woman, with the man in the lead, is more destructive than constructive. Case in point, does this mean that a bad nuclear marriage is better than any single parent or same-sex marriage? I would hope not.

The elephant in the middle of the room is that of Focus on the Family deriving it's policies from dogmatic evangelical interpretations of the Bible. It both fascinates and scares me when the sanitized version of their philosophy is presented to the general public. Same-sex marriage is roundly condemned by Steve's group. Their private core belief is that homosexuality is an abomination. The public argument, "it is bad for the children to be in the same-sex environment". Single-parent rearing of children, especially by women, is privately condemned because the authority of the male is removed from the rearing. With the absence of the male, the female is further removed from the authority of God. This is not the public face put on single-parent child rearing. If put on the spot about it, the most Steve would probably just admit that he believes that single-parent rearing of children is "bad for the children" relative to the male-leading man-woman married couple. The male’s family authority, as the duly appointed representive of God, is not discussed for public consumption.

This dogmatic wolf in sheep's clothing bugs me. IMO, Focus on the Family would lose wide support from non-party line members if the larger part of society had a true(r) picture of the group's thoughts. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, including Steve Watters. The part that really bugs me is that groups like Focus on the Family have influence on government policies. Their dogmatic views are quietly supported and implemented while a sanitized version of their beliefs is presented to the general public. Scary stuff!
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