August 31st, 2006

Shaman - Horse

The Path of the Shaman


The purpose of this paper is to explore how a shaman becomes a shaman.  What are the teachers and teaching methods that a shaman encounters as they develop their identity?  The information shared will be applicable to many spiritual paths as we are all seekers, and the teachers are often same and merely wear different masks.  

If the lesson is how to be a shaman, then the question must be asked, “what is a shaman?”  A shaman lives in and understands the unity of life as it is expressed in the physical life and the planes of existence beyond.  The shaman very much feels the physical, and sees it as a place of service.  However, the physical is seen as a portion of all that there is.  It is the schoolyard where we begin our lives.  The rest of life, in its recognition of unity, is open-ended as it is lived consciously and freely.   

Heather Hughes-Calero writes that the shaman lives as a Soul in a physical body rather then a physical body/mind with a soul.  This differentiation is very important as it conveys a wonderful freedom in the statement “all is spiritual”.  If all is unity, and all is spiritual, than unity is spirit.  The shaman’s life is based on these principles.  Heather also writes that, what is phenomena to the uninitiated, is only a matter of reality to the initiated, and we are limited only by our perceptions.  Do you perceive from the Soul or from the mental?   Where are your perceptions?

Before I read the above words of Heather, the teachings of Rolling Thunder and Tom Brown conveyed to me the sense that the magical is the reality of the ignorant.  The shaman experiences the same reality as an everyday thing.  The magical is possible because it is natural.  Aleister Crowley is credited with saying that every act done with intent is magic.  This is true, but many of our discontented and disconnected intentions are harmful and destructive.  The shaman mixes in an understanding of the spiritual connectiveness to make every intention not only magical, but also healthy and natural in its effect. 

How does a person learn to be a shaman?  How does a person learn the soul connections?  This paper will explore a few facets of this wondrous puzzle.  Pay attention.  There is a shaman in all of us.

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