October 6th, 2006

Shaman - Horse

Friend's Quiz

Pretty close to reality...

What do you subconsciously think of your friends?
Friend's NameWord AssociationMeaning
ShinarazBatMysterious, Intelligent, Enigma. This person is hugely alluring to you.
OmegaBellSomeone whom you feel may be dangerous to let into your heart.
OceanPearlBeautiful and real - you have a lot of respect for this person.
WulfwalkerLanternThe person who sees you for you.
Star_of_3WigYou believe this person to be totally insane. (And they SO are!)
BearsingerZooThe least socially-conventional person that you know. (And, consequently, the most fun.)

'What do you subconsciously think of your friends?'
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Shaman - Horse

Thoughts on Shapeshifters and Reality

On MySpace somebody once wrote...

are there any who are known as shifters out there, those who also go by changlings, shape shifters, mind shifters astro shifters or were-somethings?

Somebody else wrote...

I haven't read all the previous postings so excuse me if this has already been said but what the original poster seems to be describing is Shamanism. A Shaman will enter altered states of consciousness, take on the attributes of animals and commune with the gods, often aided by mind bending drugs. They also fulfill the role of village or tribe witch doctor.

Nods in agreement. It is part of the shamanic reality to shift. What really happens is open to personal introspection and experience. I have "become" a wolf in my mind's eye when I was on a shamanic journey. I felt myself run through the forest. Did I change outwardly? I don’t know. I believe that I was at a “wolf” vibration during my journey. Those who can see such things might see my shift outwardly. However, this outward perception would exist outside the five sense. A camera would have just recorded me sitting there. There is MUCH to see outside the five senses. These things exist outside the “reality” of our senses.

Now… considering outside manifestations… I had an experience with shifting during a past drumming circle. I saw a man drop nearly 20 years from his age while watching his students revel in drumming. I saw it happen several times and there was another student who saw it also. There was another person standing in front of me. Is this too weird? Not really. Consider the saying, “They got so angry I didn’t recognize them”. There is shifting there. A person who fully engages a mindset can look like that mindset. People look (or try to) like a saint when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Lastly… Carlos Castaneda wrote about his experience of shifting into a crow and flying across the land. He experienced a "transformation" into crow. His body changed and he had wings, etc. His felt his journey was real and all he saw was real. Later he asked his teacher if it was real. "Could people see me as a crow?" he asked. I don’t know what the answer was. Perhaps people could. Perhaps they couldn’t. It would depend on their ability to see and the conviction (aka intention) that the shifter put into the experience. The most important thing is that Carlos believed he had shifted and that he had a very real experience.