November 1st, 2006

Shaman - Horse

Why Conflict?

Why do people participate in relationships that involve conflict? Why do people play sports? We as human beings get bored with life. Some people argue and create chaos in their lives because it's how they feel alive. I'm not a big fan of competitive sports, but I do watch horror movies. What's the connection? I think I create that inner tension with my psyche through the challenges of watching horror movies instead of the challenges of the football field.

One of the aspects of an astrological chart is an opposition. This occurs when two planets are 180 degrees from each other - on opposite sides of a chart. This is a classic conflict position. Two opponents on each side of a football field or boxing ring. In astrology an opposition creates tension, and from that tension comes potential for creation and action. They are like a rubber band pulled taut, waiting to be released.

The bottom line is that I feel it is important to be honest about why we participate in conflict for conflict's sake. We can have people in our lives we butt heads with because it works for us. The trick is to not be a victim in the process. Keep playing the game if you like it or walk away if it no longer works for you.

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