November 2nd, 2006

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Timing and The Tarot - Part 1

Is timing difficult to accomplish in tarot? The answer is both yes and no. Full exploration of how timing is accomplished in tarot requires insight into what time is, what drives the tool of the tarot, and how the reader is connected to these two principles. An overview of the tools for accomplishing the reading of time in tarot readings will then be presented.

The Naples Arrangement is a flow of energy based on kabalistic ‘Tree of Life’. Aleister Crowley is credited for formulating this basic description of how energy evolves into matter. An examination of this process is pertinent to understanding tarot and timing as the future results are the material manifestations of the unrealized energy of the present.
Numbers 0 through 5 of the Naples Arrangement
0. The Void
All potential is present. This is echoed by the Eastern 'Tao'.
1. The Point
A single entity that has no reference to any other. The idea without a place to rest.
2. The Line
Two points define distance and relative spacing. An energy concern can be studied based on it's position to another reference.
3. Plane
A flat surface. The energy is defined in a place of completion and perfection, but there is no substance. It is a picture or blueprint
4. Solid
Geometry is completed in apparent solidness - but really only a hologram as it is fixed in place lacking the illusions of time and consciousness.
5. Motion / Time
Time is introduced to the completed geometry. Events occur and the energy obtains meaning. Pathways determined by observation and intent manifest.
How does this table reflect on time in the light of mysticism? Time becomes a vehicle to establishing an event – with the event defined as a solid with properties over a period of time. Geometry becomes physics when time is introduced. Events become predictable in classic physics as a known body with known properties exists and ‘moves’ over a period of time. Quantum physics has introduced new ideas on the behavior of objects over time, and the known behaviors have been reduced to probabilities influenced by the interaction of the observer.

Quantum physics introduced the understanding that the motion of solids is not fixed, and is instead probable. The workings of quantum physics cannot be 100% defined. When observed, an event can be fixed in either place or motion, but not both. An uncertainty is established. A solid has a probability to exist in a certain way from time increment to time increment, but there is no guarantee. Indeed, the solid may ‘change’ drastically, in ways that are unexpected, but not improbable. Manifesting the improbable into the actual is the goal of both the quantum physicist and the mystic. The physicist wants to produce elements that do not ‘normally’ exist, and the mystic wants to influence the world to produce ‘magical’ happenings. Neither practitioner is doing anything unnatural. Instead they are doing the naturally improbable.
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