January 27th, 2007

Monty Python - Completely Different

Sense of Humor

I watched "Scary Movie 4" today. It was great. I've really enjoyed the Scary Movie franchise. I've seen 'Scary Movie 3' three or four times. Being a philosophical type person, I started thinking about why this was. My lovely gf watched Scary Movie 3 with me. She didn't enjoy it as much as I did. Why? She doesn't watch many horror movies. The 'Scary Movie' angle is that they make fun of horror movies. My gf didn't know the "inside jokes" being presented. You have to know the original context for the humor to have impact. You have to know the reality of the original to see the humor.

I also find humor when people are slaves to a reality. This occurs when a person becomes a 'victim' of their rigid reality instead of an active participant. Let me give you an example of this. I was in a Goodwill thrift store once. The store had a policy that all merchandise without a price tag must "go to the back to be repriced". The item goes to the back to reappear the next day. Anyway, I found an item that I was interested in, but it did not have a price-tag. Knowing the policy, I showed the item to one of the store's senior managers. She quite properly said, "I must take this to the back to be priced. It will be put out later". This brought an inner chuckle to my heart. It had me smiling for some time after that.

What's the connection? It seems I find humor with the perversion of reality. This plays out to seeing humor in people who too stridently play out their rigid roles. On the other hand, I see humor in people who twist the established reality into something else. Scary Movie 4, indeed all the Scary Movies, play on both ends of this street. Monty Python's Flying Circus also pursued tact. I very much enjoy the surreal BBC sketch comedy show.

In my own life I play the dutiful engineer. And? Where is the perverted reality? That's for me to know and others to find out. For now I will continue enjoying my twisting of reality. "And now for something completely different..."
Cat - Bunny Love

A Big Puzzle

I am in a situation that does not seem to have an answer. What can a person do when there is one person in their life against which they are powerless? The depth of this power causes one to want to hit the reset switch of life.

Sigh... any ideas???