January 30th, 2007

Cat - Evil Hello Kitty

Evil Cats

I was recently accused of "evil manipulative kitty icon usage". It is I who is innocent. The truly evil ones are the cats!

It is true. Cats are evil transdimensional beings. We are their pawns. Pray for Mercy!

Witness the prophetic words of Spock in Catspaw,
Racial memories.
The cat is the most ruthless ...
most terrifying of animals ...
as far back as the saber-toothed tiger
Witness the visions of the true evil archetype...

Collapse )

Fear them if you dare!
Frylock - Tell Me I've Been Bad

How Stupid Am I?

There are so many people more stupid than I!

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Totally Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

About a half (or more) of the questions were of the "trick" variety. As defined by the types of questions in the quiz, I submit a list of what they mean by "stupid":

1) Not experienced in the tricks of the world
2) Prone to snap judgments
3) Not able to make calculations
4) Inattentive or lack of memory
5) Unable to use tools to solve problem
6) Naive (explanation: you have to be cynical with this quiz. The most obvious answer is not always the best answer!)
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