February 9th, 2007

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The 25,000 Foot Drop

Why do bad things happen to good people? Better yet, why are the damaged people allowed to do harm to the innocents? A response to my article about "It Is Probably You" brought to light the very real possibility that people are acting inappropriately because of past damage that they neither sought out nor asked for. I struggle with this in my own life. I'll share more in another article, but for now, I share one theory about why this sh*t goes on.

They say… there are those who believe that we sign-up for "life lessons" prior to entering our physical lives. The spiritual/astral aspects of ourselves are gung-ho to learn all that we can. They know that the physical world is both temporary and instructive. So, some souls go crazy on the "tough life" menu. The soul is then incarnated in what Abraham-Hicks calls the "25,000 foot drop". This analogy says that the initiation of life lessons is like being dropped out of an airplane, at 25,000 feet, without a parachute. The individual then gets to figure out how the heck they will survive the fall, survive life itself, with gravity stacked against them. People born into dysfunctional and damaged families experience this. The baby and young child can't do much about the scars left during those early years. Healing becomes a challenge of adulthood. The divine answer to "this is f*cking BS" is "but you asked for it, live and learn!". Sigh. I get frustrated by this. A particularly "funny" version of the 25,000 foot drop is the child who has a "normal" childhood, insulated from the bad stuff in the world. Some part of life knowledge was left out, and then the individual later bumps into bad people. While the life-lesson learning "thrill" of the terminal velocity plunge begins late, the results can require just as much healing as any childhood trauma.

I have to say that I've experienced both of the 25,000 foot drop scenarios. All I can say is, "thanks God/Higher Self, it's been real, maybe fun, but not real fun". I'm a big Depeche Mode fan. I really connected with the chorus in their song "Blasphemous Rumours",

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours
But I think that gods got a sick sense of humor
And when I die I expect to find him laughing

The incredible irony that I sense, after I die, it will be me who will be laughing. Shoot, I'm almost laughing now.

Anyway, I'll touch on this in future articles. Does anybody have any other theories about why we set ourselves up for such happy happy, joy joy in life?
Sinfest - Evil is Kewl

How Evil Am I?

I think the computer-crime questions biased the outcome... I just don't care. Fear me, if you dare! (smirk)

You Are 68% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
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