February 16th, 2007

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Demon Talk

My recent question about trickster entities was well answered. Good stuff. The recent thread spoke of a group of minor trouble-making beings (Talkers) that seemed to be separated from a full blown "demon" definition. I'd like to present my understandings and see if anybody can add or subtract from it.

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I would love to hear other's thoughts on this.
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Special People

This is a blog entry about "special" people in general and the indigo child phenomenon specifically. I am posting this because I am struggling with the why and how of being special. I know there are places of relative appropriateness and timing. In a way, the indigos are a poster-child of the specialness movement. Personally I don't have issues with larger groups of being special. Group-thought has a different dynamic from individual-thought. My struggle is with the discernment between the individual's ego and soul expressing their specialness. Anyway, the following entry outlines my general thoughts on the topic. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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I hope I am making sense. My kindest regards and highest hopes to those who are truly indigo. There is a truth there. We do need the help.
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Initiation, Fear and the Shamanic Path

I have a big event coming up that will tap into my fears and insecurities. The material below is posted in the spirit of informing both myself and others. I wrote this previously on MySpace in response to a person who was having a difficult life and sought the shamanic path as an avenue for healing. My advice was that the shamanic path held promise for the mending of body and soul, but the process was not an easy one.

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