February 27th, 2007

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My Life as a Student

The learning process is a two-way street between the teacher and the student. I've written at length about teachers. In the future I will write about teaching methods. Today I want to write about my personal experience as a student.

Like many people, I did the whole "student" thing through elementary school and high school. In these times there was an expectation of the student's participation. People did drop-out, but on the whole, the system was geared to keep students involved until graduation. There are even stories of non-passing students being given passing marks to keep them moving along the pipeline. Anyway, the point is that attendance was strongly encouraged, with tools and methods to keep students engaged.

I then moved onto college. This was a different environment. The students there were present by choice. They paid their money, showed up for classes, and plugged on until a degree was obtained. Self-discipline to wake up, study up and show up. In the end I got a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Taking six years because I was in the Cooperative Education program, I left the professional student and went out into the world at age 24.

Years later I took classes in esoteric topics. I attended a weekly metaphysical discussion group for almost four years. By natural bent, and/or influence of college, I was not a "good" student. I thought ahead of the teacher, offered too many of my own insights, and generally was too smart for my own good. I didn't listen well. I struggled, gaining a reputation among my friends as being a "pushy" student.

My life changed when I entered the massage therapy program at The Whole You. I took a years worth of classes at the frequency of two or three each month on the weekends. I forced myself to be a good student. I forced myself to LISTEN. This was easier because the subject material was not something I had a partial first-hand knowledge of. There were days that my "expertise" crept in. On those occasions I had to take out the "listen" bat to beat down the pushy student. I completed the course of study. While I completed the course material with the knowledge to be a massage therapist, I also walked way with a year's worth of practice as a good student.

My dear friend Sue passed her massage therapy national board on 2/26. I congratulate her and my fellow classmates for their achievements. I have not progressed past completing the homework and outside clinic hours, but I did take away some as valuable as any certification. I found what it was like to be a good student. I take this into my shamanic walk. There will be some power student/teacher dynamic hurdles for me there. I look forward to them. The learning process continues.
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Blog Disclaimers

In the past I had the following disclaimer:

The generalized observations of greensh are personal, originating from a localized experience. The personal generalizations described may have not occurred in other realities. For others, the generalizations are most possibly fictional. Any resemblance to any person's reality, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A discourse with a learned person has prompted me to add another disclaimer:

ALL material written by greensh is officially a wag (Wild Ass Guess, Wide Area Generalization, Wise Ass Goof). Some of my views are waggier than others. Some are extremely waggy. Those with similar wags are encouraged to provide feedback. Those with completely dissimilar wags are encouraged to ignore the material. All those knowing the absolute truth are encouraged to immediately contact greensh for verification.
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My Kids

I got two new kids last week. Tonight I brought out the ancient HP C500 camera and took some pics of everyone...

Princess - the Senior Alpha Female. She used to rule half of the house. Now she shares it with the new kids.

Caley and Ebony. They have the other half of the house

The kids...



Larger pictures of everyone are located in their own Kids Gallery.