March 17th, 2007

Flute - Kokopelli

My Shamanic Walk

At a time in the past, nearly seven years ago, I was working through which spiritual path to take. My spiritual path had already been brought back from an agnostic place by the wonderful influences of Ram Dass and other Eastern writings. The Buddhist path felt right. I still carry a lot of Buddhist philosophies and beliefs. This, however, was not going to be my primary path. I have instead become a shamanist.

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And why was the shamanic path for me? What did I learn from all the reading, dreams, classes, writing and facilitating? Why wasn’t I pulled into the neopagan world, for it too had attractions for me? The answer is both simple and complex. Being a shamanist speaks to my soul. It brings an order to my world. The shamanic path bridges and connects many apparently diverse realms. The shamanist is connected to all, part of all, and is called to the service of all. The "magick" of others is merely normal shamanic "reality" waiting to be realized. The path of shamanism is simple. Collect knowledge, embrace experience, and nurture wisdom. Live in the unity of the world. Use the available tools to serve your tribe, and by extension, serve the unity of the world.