April 11th, 2007

BRA - Dangerous

Pirate Quiz

Fear me, if you dare!

LiveJournal Username
Pirate Name
Reason for Piracy
Amount of Available Booty$5,948,260
Your Ship's NameThe Dirty Jewel of Hades
Type of ShipDutch Flute
First Mategradieval
Cabin Boy *wink wink nudge nudge*r_monoxide
Percentage of Sailors who tremble at your name.
Type of PirateToo drunk to fight or sail
Your fateYou die in battle.
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Critical Thinking and Awareness

Reality is filtered. This is a mode of critical thinking. The goal of critical thinking is a higher state of discernment. The Catch-22 is that excessive critical thinking does not lead to increased discernment. The more the filters are turned on, the smaller the vision of the world becomes. The answer to the smallness of critical thinking is the largeness of awareness.

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It is my preference that the talk of critical thinking, and the shadows spin from it, is replaced with talk of awareness. In awareness, the world becomes a place that is receptive to you even as you become receptive to the world. This is a good thing.
Cat Licking

Kitten Update

Somehow the three mostly black kittens turned into three mostly black kittens and one black with white feet and chest kitten. Yes, three kittens turned into four. I hope this isn't a trend...
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