June 1st, 2007

Sinfest - Dark Side Chaos

My Comments on Pedophilia

This is a long article on an emotional and controversial topic. I’ve got a fair amount of text behind the cut. My apologies if I ramble, but this the first time I’ve closely looked at something that has struck a cord for me.

I consider myself an open-minded guy, especially when it comes to the "consenting adults" side of life. I have my own share of kinky interests and can relate to others doing the same. These liberal views have been challenged during the LJ strikethrough days. Part of the 'cause' of LJ strikethrough days was the very sloppy discontinuation of pedophilia 'supporting' users and communities. Strikethrough is now fading into history. I've been left to wonder about some of the reactions I've seen.

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This has not been an easy thing for me to write about. I was surprised that I had such a strong reaction to it. I felt I had to condemn the pursuit of pedophilic erotica and simultaneously support those who are seeking healing. Our children are special. They will be adults soon enough. Many adults, including myself, are seeking that spark of life that childhood represents. The spark is not found through sexual congress. The spark is instead embraced when we identify with purity and joy of children. Only love and protection exist here, and that is why I have written about this topic.

Comments, feedback?