June 2nd, 2007

Sinfest - Vice in a Can

Messy Sex

In a previous post I said that sexuality and its expression are very complex. People can find themselves with many sexual appetites. Some have their root in nature and others in nurture. The expression of sexuality ranges from desires and action. Feeling lust and fulfilling the urges are not the same. These complexities create a spectrum from fantasy to actual actions. Sexuality cannot be put in tidy little boxes. Statements of "wait" and "don't do it" pale in the face of human drives. Deviancy is the norm. Perhaps that is an overstatement. A better statement would be that there are few 'norms' when the full expression of human sexuality is viewed.

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I'm a deviant in my own ways. I strongly suspect we all are. This is not important, as the measure of deviancy can be an artificial creation of the society or tribe. How can we turn those 'deviant' thoughts in our heads into reality? Find a tribe that supports your appetites. Then honor yourself and others. Sexuality is only part of a larger life. The healthy pursuit of your sexuality, no matter where it will take you, is just a part of who you are. Be safe, have fun, and celebrate complexity.
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