June 6th, 2007

ATHF - Moonnites Rule

Beasts on a Fence

The following is from the book "Brute Orbits" by George Zebrowski. This is a really good fictional book with commentaries on crime, imprisonment, sexuality, justice, greater good, longevity, youth, privilege, guilt, freedom, choices, order, and more. I've really enjoyed reading it.

By the fifth year, Tasarov had learned to keep dilemmas, nurture, and feed them, as a wild animal trainer keeps dangerous beasts, and they in turn kept up his skills. He saw them as demons that could not be banished. And their most important feature, he began to believe, was that they were unresolvable dilemmas. A man might be known by the dilemmas he keeps, especially the intractable ones.

As he set down his thoughts, he still sometimes wondered about the rightness of this mind, and wondered if the bent of his thinking was a bias setting given to him by nature. Being in your right mind was always a fence one could see over, but he still sometimes wondered which side of the fence he was on. Maybe he was sitting on the fence.
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