July 16th, 2007

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Faith and Religion

A illuminating article by iskender prompted me to dig this essay on Faith and Religion out of my teaching archives.


An understanding of world religions follows an understanding of the definition and origins of religion. Mankind is drawn to follow many religions for numbed comfort, but the question an enlightened person should first is: Why? We will next explore faith, religion and their connection. From there we will see how the religious paths of the world can be properly explored by those of differing beliefs.

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Faith provides the energy, religion provides the framework, and the result is a spiritual force that works on the behalf of the believer. The joining of these into the word “religious faith” now refers to some that is alive and is a tool for divine worship and recognition.
Cat - Anti Gravity Explanation

The Challenges and Value of Comparative Religion

This article follows my "Faith and Religion" article. I believe that a grasp on how religions can be compared would lend tolerance to people's views of other's beliefs.

What is Comparative Religion Studies?

An Editorial Note on comparisons:

Calvin: "Hey Dad, know what I figured out? The meaning of words isn't a fixed thing! Any word can mean anything! By giving words new meanings, ordinary English can become an exclusionary code! Two generations can be divided by the same language! To that end, I'll be inventing new definitions for common words, so we'll be unable to communicate. Don't you think that's totally spam? It's lubricated! Well, I'm phasing." Dad: "Marvy. Fab. Far out." --Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

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