August 18th, 2007

Sinfest - Media Manipulator

Notions of Beauty

Today I attended a large used book sale. It was kind of amazing to see the crowd of 300 (or so I was told) people at the beginning of the event. A realization hit me. The average book reader does not meet this society's measures of what is considered measures of physical beauty. What gives? Are book readers not physically attractive? Are models not readers? Hmmm...

I believe the answer is a mixture of the two possibilities with a dash of 'reality' about how beauty is measured. First of all, and this is IMO, the definition of beauty foisted to the general public is not attainable to the numerously average person. The beautiful person is the aberration while the un-beautiful person is the norm, if the measure is a standard of publicized physical appearance. Shame on us! Perhaps this is harsh though. I believe that there is a archetypal/subconscious measure of beauty based on symmetry and proportions. It is to this measurement that people worship even though they cannot attain it themselves.

So what of book sales? Perhaps people who are interested in books are not super models. Perhaps super models are not interested in books. Maybe beautiful people are somewhere else at 8:30 AM on Saturdays. Who knows? I was glad to see so many people interested in reading. (smile)