August 19th, 2007

Sinfest - Alien Cyborgs

My Death Paradoxes (Part II?)

Movies I don't like:

Ones in which you know the 'good guys' will die or fail in the end.

My Dreaming Paradoxes:

I do lots of things alone (i.e. lunch), but constantly dream of crowds.

My death wish makes me think those who pass on are the lucky ones, but I fight to survive in my dreams.

I have some physical challenges in RL (knees, back), but I'm not hampered by these in my dreams.
Cat - Felix Face

Forms of Death Wishes

I’ve become aware that are several types of death wishes. The form I have is the “let’s just get out of here please” type. The other type of death wish is a desire for an specific form of afterlife. This topic is both interesting and quite scary to me for reasons I will share. I'm putting the rest behind a cut because of the focus on Dominionists' beliefs.

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