October 8th, 2007

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Abandoned House - Hwy 221 South Carolina

This picture set features an abandoned building on HWY 221 outside of Laurens SC. The house is an impressive site sitting back from the road. I've passed it for years driving back and forth from work.  The "Young Christian Fellowship Center" sign was visible in past years. Now it is hidden behind a grove of small trees.  This is one of those buildings that has taken damage from neglect, but would be easy enough (given time and money) to restore back to use. All of the pictures are featured in this Flickr picture set.

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Cool Mai

Civil War Memorial

SL730774, originally uploaded by greensh.

This picture was taken during the 09/06 "Squeelin on the Square" barbecue festival in Laurens SC. I wanted to catch the courthouse, memorial, flags and attendees in one powerful shot. I think it came out pretty well.