November 5th, 2007


Pendleton Oil Mill

My lovely mate and I toured the town of Pendleton SC looking for some picture taking opportunities. We came upon the partially abandoned Pendleton Oil Mill. The location still manufacturers and ships "non compost, natural organic fertilizers; wholesales chemicals & allied products; wholesales feed Compost, Fish meal, Manure or guano, Plant hormones, Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicides, Organic fertilizers and plant nutrients, Chemical fertilizers and plant nutrients, Herbicides, Nonhazardous waste disposal, and Liquid waste treatment". Joy!

An observation of the site revealed that some portion of the operation was now abandoned, with rusted conveyors, augers and motors visible from the outside. This is one location that I'd be afraid to enter due to the presence of unknown chemicals! The site was an interesting study in planned abandonment as production methods changed.

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