November 30th, 2007

Safe Schools

A Glimpse

I was listening to some of my multitude of MP3 stored music and I had a brief glimpse of a past impression. I seemed to remember a time in which I was more care free, or at the least, had younger eyes on the world. This is not to say my life was a happy-happy joy-joy place since I've struggled with depression since High School. It is just that I saw a glimpse of life that was more happy than what I experience now. An analogy would be living in a grey world and then suddenly seeing a bit of color. The color was where I lived at one time but it is just a fleeting memory now.

The power of music...

Newell's Abandoned Cars

Welcome to the ghost town of Newell SC again. Behind the abandoned buildings is a hidden antique care graveyard that doubles as storage for bulldozer parts. Each and every car had gears, carburetors and unidentified loose guts of hulking construction equipment. Why? The owner of the land, and descendant of the original town leaders, has a mechanic shop in which he rebuilds and repairs the dozers. Over the years he's found creative ways to store those parts!

The 183 pictures from Newell can be found in this Flickr picture set.

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