December 16th, 2007

Wolf - Rowan

Cub Pics - 12/16/07

Today we had a chilly and windy day here in South Carolina. The weather has shifted from warm to cool overnight. Mystic was adopted out this past week, so we're down to six cubs. Wulfwalker has brought them into the house to socialize the cubs to the noise and separate them from the older dogs. I'll have pics in the future of the indoor antics.

All 53 pictures of the cubs are in this flickr set.

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Sinfest - Friends

Humans and Animals

I received some interesting feedback from a good friend regarding my Paul Goble quote:

Nothing in nature is evil. We may sometimes dislike flies or spiders, the skunk or snakes, and yet they only do what their Creator means them to do.

My friend said, "Oh, I can't begin to tell you how much I disagree with this. Humans are in nature, and there are some humans that have lived in history that I would consider evil. Soulless evil."

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