December 29th, 2007

Canon Rebel

A Rural Sawmill

This photo essay features a tractor powered sawmill we found on the property of Mr. Johnson, the same property that previously posted Wyatt General Store is located on. The sawmill is still operational, proven when Mr. Johnson came out to see what we were doing on the property. After he was assured we were only taking pictures instead of tools, he shared that his father had purchased the tractor in 1949. Mr. Johnson uses the sawmill as a hobby and the most recent results of his efforts were evident in the cedar boards on the ground. The cuts were incredibly smooth, though we were told that this is not true when things 'go wrong'. The entire operation is almost entirely powered from a drive connection to the tractor. A single electrical line only powers the working lights and a small motor operating the chain and pulley that removes wood chips from underneath the blade. There were other odd bits of machinery on the property. Mr. Johnson said that he liked to collect things. wulfwalker and I could understand as we do the same.

This picture set is part of a larger trip we took in Anderson county.   All 66 pictures from our journey are in this flickr set.

Top: Tractor powered sawmill  Bottom: wulfwalker gets a rare picture of greensh in front of the 1949 tractor
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Sinfest - Cat Senses Tingling

A Strange Dream

I had a really odd dream sequence this morning. It began at the end of a sequence in which I was cleaning up a travel trailer. I then spoke to the lady I was reporting to. She received a phone call and things changed. The building behind her morphed into a smaller shape. The cars and other buildings also changed. I sensed something was very wrong and began to chase the woman across the street and into a shopping center parking lot. The chase continued, ending when she entered a building and turned toward me. I reached her just as pulled out her phone. We touched, and the scene shifted again. The woman was now younger. It was evident that we had been shifting through time, and I was very nearly stranded in the previous time. I asked for an explanation and a return to my own time. She said she was sorry, and I was a friend, but I was only a distant friend. I thought I was stuck some decades beyond the time I knew. She relented, and we once again shifted to what I supposed to be the present time. The dream sequence pretty much ended here.

I found this to be a notable dream sequence because I have no idea where the elements came from. Does it have a meaning beyond a play on a sci-fi theme? Will a woman, or somebody with a feminine nature, transport me "back into time" against my will? Will I only be able to retain my connection with my time by ardently pursuing her? I don't know, but this is more interesting than cleaning up travel trailers or being chased by monsters.
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Almost Good Enough to Eat...

S.C. Hwy 81 has a life-size gingerbread house. Featured in this newspaper article, the redecorated antique store is a promotional gift to the community by the local Bloom grocery story. Merry post christmas!

This picture set is part of a larger trip we took in Anderson county.   All 20 pictures from this creation are in this flickr set.

Bloom Foods Gingerbread House
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