December 30th, 2007


Ruins on SC HWY 81

On 12/29 my mate and I explored an abandoned barn off of SC Hwy 81. We then found the ruins of the house and some ancillary buildings. I will do a full photo essay on this location after the New Year. For now I will leave you with the eerie remains of the house's fireplaces and an artistic view of chairs stacked in one of the ancillary building's doors.

All 128 pictures from the location are available in this flickr set.

Rear of the house looking at the two remaining chimneys on the left and right.  The tan object in the right hand side of the picture is the top of a well.  This was a two-story house that had three chimneys.  The house burned down in the early 80's.  Vines and briars are everywhere now, creating their own strange landscape.

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