March 3rd, 2008

Wolf - Rowan

Amazing Dogs

The labrador puppies Boomer and Gulliver are doing great with their foster family. This may seem a surprise until you consider the unique traits of the wolf-dog. Other breeds may see the puppies, at most five or six weeks old, as a threat to their territory or resources. The alpha female wolf-dog, Aurora, immediately took the puppies and treated them as if they were her own. She really really wants to have puppies and went into a false heat recently in response to Wayah's recent litter. While Aurora's vapid attention did pass, the end result was the other wolf-dogs treating the labrador puppies as if they were part of the pack. Now Wayah will check on the puppies if they whimper or seem in distress. The alpha male allows the puppies to climb on him when he is on his back. It is amazing to watch and another reason to see the wolf-dogs as a wonderful breed apart from others.

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